What’s A SantaBox?

A SantaBox is an almost-Christmas gift.

It’s a special moment for families seeking to establish their own traditions.

It’s a way to let a child know you love them even though you’re not there on Christmas Eve.

It’s a special gift from someone who lives far away but still loves you.

It’s a way to help kids focus and find a moment of calm during the overwhelming excitement of Christmas Eve.

It’s a way to turn Christmas Eve into a special time of its own, not just a night to argue about bedtime.

A SantaBox is a way to declare that Christmas is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate.

Make this Christmas Eve the most wonderful one your kids have every experienced. Give them a present to open the night before Christmas. Our 2017 SantaBox is filled with arts and crafts to keep your children entertained while you do what you need to do to get ready for Christmas. It lets you celebrate the coming of Santa, and it gives you precious memories you’ll treasure forever.

Want to know more about our 2017 SantaBox? Take a look at this short video for the inside story.